Our Giving is an act of worship.

The Bible reminds us of a God-seeker named Cornelius whose prayers and offerings rose as a “memorial before God” (Acts 10:4). It is a privilege to partner with God by worshipping Him with our resources. Below are some options to assist you in your giving journey at All Peoples.

TEXT TO GIVE 619-870-1700
Text To Give Phone

All Peoples partners with Kindrid to offer an easy text-to-give option. Text now to create a free profile.

Giving Online Computer

All Peoples offers several ways for church members and community partners to give online.

Give Your Tithe
(New System)
Give Your Tithe
(Legacy System)
Support Missions
& Staff Members
Sunday Giving and Offering Prayer

Each Sunday a pastor will facilitate a time of giving tithes and offerings for those that want to give during a worship service.


We want to be a church that worship God not only with our words and songs but also with our financial resources. The Bible teaches that the ‘earth is the Lord’s and all that is in it’ (Psalm 24:1). Since everything belongs to God we are a church that generously gives our financial resources to support what God is doing in our city and in the nations of the world. Below are some helpful links and pieces of information so that you can learn more about what is going on financially with All Peoples Church San Diego.

  • All Peoples Church is a 501 c3 registered non-profit
  • We are committed to running a debt-free organization, financial sacrifice, and radical generosity.
  • We have an open book policy for church members with questions about finances.
  • We believe it is Biblical for believers to tithe to the local church. God promises His blessing and protection along with the tithe (Malachi 3).