TUE 8/14-THUR 8/16 – 3 Day Prayer & Fast

Whether fasting is a regular discipline in your life or is something that is new to you, we invite you to embrace a time of prayer and fasting with us from tomorrow, August 14th – Thursday, August 16th. The time of fasting will culminate in us gathering for our church-wide Worship & Prayer Night on Thursday at 6:30PM in our Worship Center at 5555 University Ave.

Fasting is one of the most powerful weapons God has given us for our daily lives. We are always seeking to grow in our relationship with Jesus, and one of the ways we do this is through fasting. This 3-day fast will be focused on us taking the time to press in for more of Jesus and to experience more of His presence, both for our lives individually as well as for our church.

Types of Fasts:
Full fast – abstinence from food so that your only intake is liquids including, fruit and vegetable juices.
Partial fast – restriction in diet, as opposed to complete abstinence.
A modified fast – Also known as a “Daniel fast”, (the Daniel fast eliminated meat, bread, and sweets), this kind of fast eliminates certain food that are daily part of your diet.

What if I am Not Able to Fast Food?
If fasting is not healthy for you, then consider giving up the television, movies, or other recreational activities. The critical factor would be to make a sacrifice that turns your attention to God.

We have a helpful guide to assist you in developing a fasting lifestyle available here.