San Diego State Parking Details

Sunday May 21st is almost upon us. We hope you’ll join us for this amazing and historic Sunday of our first meeting on San Diego State Campus!

As we’ve talked to many of your in our congregation I am so encouraged by the excitement and spiritual fervor that God is bringing for this next season of church life. We want to share this post with you to share some answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Parking!

The purpose of this blog post is to further explain our parking plan for Sundays at State Campus!

1. Parking: Two Options

There are two options for parking at San Diego State. One is free and one is paid.

  • The first is Parking Structure P3 on State Campus.Google Maps Link Here.

    This is our FREE parking lot with several hundred spaces reserved. This is the lot we suggest parking in.

    No ticket is required and you will not have to validate your car. You will simply pull up, look for our greeters, signs, and parking attendants and pull into reserved parking. The shuttle will pick you up right next to here.

  • The second is Structure B, off College Ave (best for those who are very late on Sunday). – Google Maps Link Here.

    Structure B is a paid parking structure located off College Avenue behind the new Trader Joes.

    This is a paid parking structure that requires validation. If you’re running extremely late to church though (20 minutes or more) this would be the best lot to park in.

2. Getting to Montezuma Hall: Two Options

After parking you’ll need to walk with your friends and family to Montezuma Hall. Here’s how:

  • Shuttle Buses!
    Most of us will probably want to take the shuttle to Montezuma Hall. The shuttle will pick you up right outside parking structure p3 (look for the signs) and will take about 2 minutes.
  • Walking
    If you prefer to walk or have a large stroller, then you may walk past Zura Hall down State Campus (Follow our signs!) and then over the bridge. This is a quarter mile walk that Google Estimates will take 4-5 minutes.

3. A quick way to drop of your family

There will be a drop-off on Hardy Ave for drivers to drop off their children with one of their parents. For parents of young kids this is a great option. Otherwise, you may want to bring a stroller for the walk. Here’s the Google Maps Link.

Here’s an In-Depth Map for those that are Interested!