Preparing for our 3-day prayer & fast – A letter from Kendall Laughlin

“After they prayed, the place where they were meeting was shaken. And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke the word of God boldly” – Acts 4:31

We are very excited as we approach this season prayer in October. As I was preparing to pray for this initiative I felt God remind the of the phrase, “Return to Radical,”. Fervent intercession is always a great time to re-up with the Kingdom and return to the radical principles of our faith. To respond to this I am proposing three prayer points on the theme “Return to Radical.”

There are three radical elemests of church life we see in Acts 4:31
– Radical intercession (Read their prayer in Acts 4)
– Radical fellowship (They gathered together under persecution, prayed together, gave to onanother in Acts 4:32)
– Radical evangelism (They spoke the word of God boldly)

Let’s pray for our church to..

Return to Radical INTERCESSION
Flash points like Awaken the Dawn and corporate prayer initiative are powerful times to receive a fresh impartation to be a people that contend by faith. Recently at All Peoples we had a night of prayer and worship. I felt God prompt me beforehand that “If we prayed for North Korea He would come.” It was amazing to sense the presence of God as we started to plow in for radical intercession for that unreached nation.

Here are some ways you can pray for our church to walk in and return to Radical Intercession:

• Personal Devotion to Jesus
• That God would raise up intercessors in each of our local churches
• That God would raise up intercessors for the unreached
• That God would fuel our intercession with powerful dreams and visions to show us what to pray

Return to Radical FELLOWSHIP
Our faith is called to be lived out in community. But we all know, community life is hard. Jesus even said, “It is impossible that offenses will not come” (Luke 17:1). We get offended with one another. We have forgiveness issues. Across our nation, well-meaning believers struggle with even the commitment to attend church weekly. True friendship is on the decline. We need a return to Biblical relationships.

Pray for:
• Relational healing from offenses and hurts
• Transparency and confession where it needs to happen in our churches
• Racial unity amongst our churches and in our nation
• Denominational unity in the body of Christ
• Commitment to gathering together in unity

Return to Radical EVANGELISM
It strikes me as very powerful that the early church preached the word boldly after prayer. That must have meant that they believe that prayer prepared the way for radical evangelism.

Pray for:
• God to raise up evangelists in our churches who are a bold witness for Jesus
• That God would removed blinders off the eyes of unbelievers around us
• For signs and wonders to accompany the preaching of the Gospel
• Radical Church planting amongst the totally unreached

Thank you for being a people of contending prayer. It is awesome to be part of this spiritual family.

Kendall Laughlin