Elise, a leader within the All People College Movement, looks back on the first month after their Fall launch and looks ahead to all that God has in store for the movement.


We are so excited for the way God has been moving as we are launching the College Movement this Fall! Entering into this season, we are believing for transformative things to happen in the hearts of college students across San Diego, and we have already begun seeing the fruit of it. Our God is faithful!

Vision is central to everything we do. At the core, the College Movement’s vision for this year is to “seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness” (Matthew 6:33). Everything follows when we are in full pursuit of Jesus, seeking to build his kingdom and not ours. It is so much better this way. This means leading out ministry with a mindset that everything we do echoes into eternity. We are also believing and praying for this generation of young people to be moved by God in such a way, that they would lay down their lives before the King to take part in this incredible adventure.

We have seen this played out in numerous ways, from our first College United services, to more intimate settings, like discipleship and Tuesday morning prayer meetings at SDSU and PLNU. We are seeing college students make the bold decision to follow Jesus and those hungry to pursue Jesus more seeking out discipleship. We have received hundreds of contact cards and every person has been intentionally connected with and prayed over. People have been drawn to our church not just because of the free In-N-Out at College United or from one of the 5,000 Ramen packets passed out with an invite to church (though those have been great resources!). The Holy Spirit has been encountering and changing hearts and people are finding community they’ve always longed for.

There is something so powerful about young people who gather together to laugh, play ultimate Frisbee, share a meal, or simply live daily life together who also worship, pray, seek wise counsel, and dive into the Word, united as brothers and sisters in Christ. This combination brings heaven down to earth and sets a Christ-centered example of the Church lived out in a social media culture that promotes isolation and self-reliance. The College Movement is cultivating a culture shift that invites people into a life full of joy and freedom, walking together in community. Our desire is for everyone to find a place of belonging and to utilize the gifting God has placed in his or her lives to be used for the Kingdom.

We are so expectant for all that God is going to be doing in the College Movement this year. Something we are looking forward to is our Fall Retreat, a 2-day gathering in October. We invite you to be praying for this, as this is a time where many college students will get powerfully rocked by God, and we are believing for salvation, healing, spiritual gifts, deeper friendship, and leadership to come out of this event.

God has always been and will always be for the College Movement. And we give Him all the glory!