Giving away the love of Jesus to the world

There are several ways that All Peoples Church stays involved in the global mission of Jesus in every nation:

Annual trip to Mexico:
For the past 5 years, All Peoples Church has facilitated a church-wide trip to Mexico in order to practically help those in need and tell people about the love of Jesus. With the launch of All Peoples Church Tijuana in 2015, the church-wide trip has become a partnership with the Tijuana campus in reaching out to the Playas community.

International Trips:
Since the beginning of our church, we’ve taken dynamic and impacting trips to South & Central America, Southeast Asia, throughout Europe as well as North & Southern Africa. In summer of 2018 we saw 6 international short-term trips taking place across the globe!


The School of Transformation has launched hundreds of students into their God-given destiny.

The 10-month school will help you go to the next level in character transformation; deepening your knowledge and application of the Bible, and training you in leadership. Students have gone on to implement values learned in the school in church planting, entrepreneurship, the marketplace, the arts, and family life.


For Those Seeking to Fulfill a Calling to Plant Churches in the U.S. or Internationally

Church planting is an incredible Kingdom work, and our desire is to build a strong culture of church planting, where we train up leaders who are equipped to go out into the United States or internationally.

We believe that God has called us to be a church that plants other churches, with the purpose of transforming lives to bless San Diego and planting Churches to transform nations. In other words, if we want to make an impact globally through serving, bible study and discipleship, we need to first make that impact here.


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