For Those Seeking to Fulfill a Calling to Plant Churches in the U.S. or Internationally


Church planting is an incredible Kingdom work, and our desire is to build a strong culture of church planting, where we train up leaders who are equipped to go out into the United States or internationally.

We believe that God has called us to be a church that plants other churches, with the purpose of transforming lives to bless San Diego and planting Churches to transform nations. In other words, if we want to make an impact globally through serving, bible study and discipleship, we need to first make that impact here.

> Jump into a discipleship ministry training school
Our training schools are the main place where we learn how to live out and reproduce the core values of the Kingdom. At All Peoples Church we have the School of Transformation. Follow the link to learn more about the 9-month school, and how to apply.

> Get trained for church planting
Our 6-month Church Planting School provides Biblical training and equipping for teams who are set to plant churches under the All Peoples Church banner. We continue to keep connected to teams and individuals once they have been sent out by offering strategic, practical and spiritual guidance. Included in the school is a church planting intensive with instruction from current practitioners. US Church planters often times will become a church planter in residence on a local church staff prior to planting.

> Fundraising
After completing your formal church planting training, which takes about 18 months, you’ll further your fundraising efforts to get ready to go to the field.

August – February


For more information about the Church Planting School, contact our school administrator Shannon Klingenhofer: