God Answers our Prayers – A Testimony from the Moldova/France Mission Trip

As part of the Night School of Transformation’s curriculum, students will spend 2 weeks at the end of their school year going on international mission trips. One of these trips was to Moldova and Paris, where students spent equal amounts of time in each country reaching out to the lost, hurting & broken.

Nick & Mahryah, parents of two small children, saw God moving powerfully amongst their family as they engaged with people throughout the trip. May you feel encouraged and inspired as you read 2 of their testimonies that came from Moldova and Paris.


After 28 Long hours of travel, 4 countries, and a 9 hour time difference, we had finally made it to Chisinau, Moldova. Prior to leaving, our family tried talking us out of taking our one and three year old son and daughter on our short term trip, but as parents we want our family to experience life together. We will admit there were many early mornings coupled with late nights that had us turned a bit upside down. Despite these challenges, we persevered and were able to participate in all of our team outreaches and ministry activities! The kids became great ice-breakers, and lead us to meeting many new people.

One afternoon our family was sitting on a park bench enjoying ice cream. While we were sitting there we took a moment to pray and we asked God, “to please send us English speaking Moldovans who would ask us what we are doing here in their city.” Seconds later, the kids bounced off the bench and raced to the fountain in the center of the park where a newlywed couple stood taking pictures on their honeymoon. We gestured to them as to ask if they would like for us to take a picture for them and upon saying yes, we discovered that they spoke English! Immediately asking where we were from, and what we were doing in Moldova, our three year old squealed “Mom, we just prayed that we’d meet someone who speaks English and ask why we are in Moldova!” It was a really sweet moment to see her excitement in knowing that God hears our prayers and can answer them as quickly as we are asking. This small sweet moment has grown her faith so much and she is so confident with her Papa God showing up and answering anything she asks.

One week later our team landed at the airport in Paris, France excited to see God moving in a new place while also saddened to leave behind the city of Chisinau and the many new friends and relationships we had formed there. We stayed in a small city southeast of Paris called Champigny where we were blessed to co-labor with a local church named Liberte. Each day we would break up into teams and participate in a prayer exercise called “treasure hunting”, where we would pray for God to give us specific details to look for as we were out on our daily prayer walk and gospel sharing ministry time.

One afternoon we were walking in a neighborhood and discovered two items on our treasure hunting list, an apple tree and an orange stained front door. As we looked around we saw a young lady with her son about two blocks up the road from us. Mahryah and I grabbed the kids, and raced to catch up to her to introduce ourselves. After a few minutes we discovered that this young lady had been living in France as an immigrant from the Republic of Congo with her son and had been looking for work and community. Excited, our family laid hands on Louange and her son to pray, knowing that God had truly orchestrated that moment. As we walked away, our translator told us the name “Louange” means worship, which that alone would’ve been enough encouragement to us, except for the fact that I later realized this word had been stuck in his head for the past couple of days!

Praise God!