A Generous Community – A Letter from Executive Pastor, Kendall Laughlin

It’s been a wonderful week as we prepare for our Fall season meeting at San Diego State and re-launch all of our Lifegroup communities for the remainder of 2017. This week I have already heard amazing reports of Lifegroups gathering to process Sunday’s message and be engaged in the journey of generosity.

As our Executive Pastor, I wanted to send out a quick note to help us practically respond as a church family to the message on Sunday (if you didn’t get a chance to attend Sunday you can watch the message, “A Generous Community,” which was team taught by Pastors Robert and Stefanie Herber and myself, by clicking here).

In the message we discussed three areas of generosity we believe God is calling us to grow in as a church family.

1. Time

Pastor Robert discussed the idea of spending our best time on God each day through “Facetime,” a daily devotional time in God’s presence. If this is a fresh commitment you are making in this season you may want to consult our Facetime Packet. This is a resource created to help you in your daily devotional life.

As a church family, let’s prayerfully respond to Pastor Robert’s message. Perhaps, God is calling you to attend Sunday church as a more regular spiritual discipline. Many of us are being freshly called by God to re-engage with Lifegroups in this season.

2. Talent

Using Jesus’s “Parable of the Talents” in Matthew 25, Pastor Stefanie described the awesome opportunity we have as believers to multiply our gifts and abilities for God’s Kingdom purposes.

There are two upcoming opportunities for those of us wanting to use our talents more specifically in church life:

Fall Children’s Ministry: We are currently accepting applications to work with children this Fall on Sunday mornings. Our Children’s Ministry is dynamic and multifaceted. If you’re interested in more information, please contact nikki@allpeopleschurch.org.

Christmas Holiday Production: Each Christmas All Peoples Church puts on a holiday production for the purposes of glorifying God through the arts and also reaching those who don’t know Jesus. Hundreds of people have been touched by the love of Jesus through these performances and have made decisions to give their lives to the Lord.
If you have musical or theatre talents you would like to use for the Kingdom of God, please let our Worship Pastor, Stephen Gulley, know! His email is stephen@allpeopleschurch.org.

3. Treasure

I ended Sunday’s message with an explanation of how God calls believers to invest in God’s Kingdom financially by worshipping through tithes and offerings. Even at Lifegroup this week I heard powerful testimonies of friends in our church who have been blessed and transformed through financial generosity. I know this is an area God is calling our church to in this season.

There are three ways to give financially at All Peoples Church that I wanted to remind you of so that you can respond practically:

Sundays during the offering: We accept tithes and offerings each service during this time.

Online: You can visit our giving page to create a profile, set up monthly or one-time gifts, or to simply learn more about our financial philosophy.

Text to Give: This is the easiest way to give. Simply text “GIVE” to 619-870-1700 and create an online profile. I find that this is easiest because I can give immediately when it comes to mind without being at a computer.

Thank you for being such a generous church. We’ll see you this Sunday at 1PM and 4PM at Montezuma Hall for our first Sunday of afternoon services.

Let’s be praying for God to do amazing things this Fall semester!
Kendall Laughlin