Healing the Parent Wounds

Robert continues our Relational Reformation series by talking about families and how they can shape the way we relate to God and others.

Deliver Us From Evil

Robert concludes our “Teach Us To Pray” series with Jesus’ final words in the Lord’s prayer, taking us through the ways the Satan intends to attack us and the tools the Lord has given us … Read More

All In

Jason Weatherred talks on being All In for God and the benefits and joy that come with living your life whole-heartedly for Jesus.

Forgive Us Our Sins

Robert speaks on the difficult subject of forgiveness and shows how God’s forgiveness of us is necessary to grasp as we attempt to forgive others.

Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread

In “Give us this day our daily bread…”, Robert shows that the Lord not only asks us to pray for our own needs, but promises to provide for us in every way.

Your Kingdom Come

Robert preaching - Your Kingdom Come

Following the next line of The Lord’s Prayer, “Your kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven…” Robert looks at the kingdom of heaven and how we call it to … Read More

Hallowed Be Thy Name

Robert continues our Teach Us To Pray series by looking at the phrase “Hallowed be thy name,” and talking through the importance of worship and how it shapes our minds and hearts.

Our Father

Robert begins our series on prayer by unpacking the first two words of the Lord’s Prayer, “Our Father…” and showing why it is so important to begin prayer by knowing God as our loving Father.