Ephesians 4

As we journey through the book of Ephesians 4, Robert Herber unpacks the power of being on ‘God’s Team’, the Church, and the blessings we receive from being part of His community.   YOUTUBE: MP3

Ephesians 3

As we continue our ‘Blessed’ series, Robert Herber guides us through a study on Ephesians 3. This encouraging message looks at the blessings God freely gives us access to in the midst of pain and … Read More

Ephesians 2

Robert Herber continues our ‘Blessed’ series with a study on Ephesians 2. This message looks at our identity in Christ, and that it is our “Salvation by grace through faith” (Ephesians 2:8) that we become … Read More

Ephesians 1

Robert Herber kicks-off our ‘Blessed’ series, which will journey through the book of Ephesians. This message unpacks the ways that God has blessed us, and how to live out these blessings.   YOUTUBE:   MP3:

Father God

Families Pastor, Jeff Bianchi, unpacks the heart of God as our loving Father and what it means to walk in relationship with Him.   YOUTUBE:   MP3:

How we Fight our Battles

As we conclude our ‘Can You Hear Me Now?’ series, Executive Pastor, Kendall Laughlin, unpacks the role of prophecy and spiritual warfare in the Church.  

God’s LTE Network

Kendall Laughlin continued our “Can You Hear Me Now?” series, as we unpacked the role of the prophetic in the Church and its purpose in bringing us encouragement.  

Tuning into God’s Frequency

Executive Pastor, Kendall Laughlin, kicks off our 3-part series, which follows the life of Samuel and is focused on helping us hear God better in our personal lives. This message unpacks 3 ways that Samuel … Read More

The Power of Place

Robert Herber unpacks 3 areas that we can develop with God in building intimacy with Him: a Secret Place, a Home Place, and a Sacred Place. This is a message you’ll definitely want to experience … Read More

Dealing with Pain

Stefanie Herber brings a powerful word on confronting the pain in our lives, and giving God the space to heal us.