SEPTEMBER 7-16, 2021


In response to a recent sermon teaching on repentance, we believe God is calling our church to a time of divine alignment with the courts of heaven. We are excited to create some environments for people to seek God in new ways. We believe that God wants to bless this prayer initiative by aligning it with the Hebrew Calendar days for repentance and seeking God. These days rest between the Hebrew New Year and the Day of Atonement and are commonly referred to as the Days of Awe.


These will be one hour prayer meetings that are open ended and focused on worship and meeting with God.


  • Psalm 84 – Entering in the courts of the Lord
  • Daniel 7:10 – A river of fire from God’s throne, the son of man takes His seat, the books are open and the court is in session.


Tuesday 9/712pmChurch Auditorium
Wednesday 9/87pmChurch Auditorium
Thursday 9/912pmChurch Auditorium
Friday 9/1012pmChurch Auditorium
Saturday 9/1112pmChurch Land in Del Cerro: attendees park on Marne and then meet you on the sidewalk of College Ave by the Chevron.
Sunday 9/127pmChurch Auditorium
Monday 9/1312pmChurch Auditorium
Tuesday 9/1412pmChurch Auditorium
Wednesday 9/157pmChurch Auditorium
Thursday 9/1612pmChurch Auditorium


Church Address
5555 University Ave
San Diego, CA 92105

Mailing Address
6161 El Cajon Blvd #925
San Diego, CA 92115



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