Welcome Home: How to Plug in

All Peoples Church in Tijuana this spring 2011

All Peoples Church is a place to belong. Maybe you’ve been in church all your life or perhaps you are just checking out this God thing for the first time. Either way, we’re glad your stopped by our website and we hope that you’ll visit us on Sunday sometime in San Diego.

A Place to Belong

We want our church to be the kind of place we picture that Jesus would have liked – a place full of many different types of people from all over the world. A place of grace for the religious and a place of truth for the seeker. A place were children are welcome and the elderly are honored. We hope that you find a place to belong at All Peoples Church.

How to Plug in

It’s pretty simple to get involved in All Peoples Church. Listed below are some basic steps.

  1. Get Rocked.  Our prayer is that Sunday mornings at All Peoples Church are a powerful time that allows people to “get rocked” by the love and power of God. Come and worship with us and get to know our spiritual family. Part of your process of getting rocked might be truly deciding to follow Jesus. For others, they may get rocked by decided to be baptized.
  2. Get Real. After visiting on Sundays, we suggest you connect with a Lifegroup. Lifegroups are the core of what we do at All Peoples and allow us to develop important friendships for our spiritual journey. A great way to get to know us is by attending our “Welcome to All Peoples Lunch” which will allow you to get to know the leaders here and ask questions.
  3. Give it Away.  Ultimately, we want to spread the love of God into our city and the nations of the world. Whether it’s by serving in a local ministry or going on an international trip, we hope that your journey at All Peoples Church leads you to sharing God’s love with the peoples and nations of the earth.

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