All Peoples Church San Diego - School of Transformation Logo

Transformed People Transform Nations

We believe that in order to live out Jesus’ Great Commission we must first be transformed by the power of God.


School Philosophy:

The training schools were launched within our movement of churches in 1991. They were inspired by the belief that local churches should not only win and disciple people but also train and send laborers into the harvest field of the US and the nations of the world.

When God called us to plant All Peoples Church in San Diego, we knew that He would use us not to just impact San Diego but also other nations with the gospel of Jesus Christ. The eventual goal of All Peoples is to become a church that plants other churches in the US and in nations of the world. The first step to sending out new church plants is establishing a training school that can own the process of training and sending missionaries from San Diego.

We felt that God led us to call this school the “School of Transformation” because we know that personal transformation leads to community transformed. As Jesus transforms us by the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit, we are equipped to bring God’s transformation to our careers, our families, our city, and ultimately the nations of the earth.

School Curriculum:

Our four part curriculum features

  1. Character Transformation
  2. Bible Knowledge
  3. Ministry Training
  4. Outreaches (Local and Overseas)

School Distinctives

  • Our school meets Tuesday night from 6PM to 10PM and the 2nd Saturday of each month from 9AM to 5PM.
  • Due to the more flexible schedule of the evening school, it is ideal for those with families, full-time careers, or those with a career praying about a ministry transition.
  • The School features a two week long overseas outreach practicum.
  • A heart for the House and passion for ministry is developed through serving the church in various capacities on Sundays.

School Dates

  • Retreat: August 25th & 26th 2017
  • Class Starts: August 29th