Strengthening and Expanding the House of God

There are numerous opportunities to serve God, the church and the community at All Peoples Church.

Areas of ongoing ministries that are in need of volunteers include:
Kids – Train/equip the youngest members of God’s family
Worship & Media – Help usher our church into the presence of God through music, dance, visual arts, film, photography.
First Impressions – Create a safe family environment on Sunday mornings (Safety, Hospitality, Greeter, Parking, Usher)
Facilities – Maintain and upgrade our facility buildings, grounds, and vehicles
Office & Clerical – Assist with office tasks during the week (Printing, filing, data entry)
Information & Tech – Internet, graphic design, website work, social media
Transportation– Transport students and refugees by bus/van to Sunday services
Refugees – Attend our Refugee Lifegroup or invest in a refugee family

If you are interested in volunteering in any of these areas you can sign up today, by emailing