Training and Equipping the Youngest Members of God’s Family

The mission of our Kids Ministry is to teach our children how to live out the disciplines of walking with Jesus through facetime (personal time with Jesus), prayer, worship, discipleship and evangelism.

Our Kids Ministry runs concurrently with our 9AM and 11AM services at Horace Mann Middle School. Kids Check-in begins 15 minutes before the service begins and is necessary before chaperoning them to their age-appropriate classrooms in time for the start of the service.

For babies-5 years, our check-in stations can be found in the Library building, which is allocated to the right of the auditorium building. Our 1st-6th grade check can be found inside the main auditorium building. You will be greeted by one of our trained Kids Ministry Volunteers at the check-in areas, who will assist in guiding you through the check-in process. Please note that we encourage parents collect their kids from their classrooms within 15 minutes of the church service ending.


0-1 Years

Our trained volunteers create a calm, trusting and nurturing environment for our babies to hear the message of the Gospel through play and worship.

2-3 Years

A fun and trusting environment which allows them to learn the values of loving God and loving others. Games, worship and hearing stories from the bible is included as their grow in their relationship with Jesus together.

4-5 Years

A focus is placed on understanding and using God’s family values in their daily lives. Within a fun and nurturing environment, children learn more about the tools God has given them to grow in their faith throughout the week.

1st to 6th Grade

A typical Sunday in includes fast-paced games, exciting worship, a dynamic teaching, and a response exercise to help our kids internalize the teaching. Weekly teaching involves learning how to live out disciplines of walking with Jesus: facetime (personal time with Jesus), prayer, worship and evangelism.


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kids-volunteerWe are looking for volunteers with a passion for Jesus and a heart for children to join our Kids Ministry! If you are interested in being part of our team, please click on the link below and a Kids Ministry leader will contact you shortly.