Living with God is living in adventure. He is always moving and doing great things and this weekend college students from All Peoples Church got to be part of an an amazing adventure in Tijuana, Mexico. We saw people healed, commit their lives to God, and overall be loved.

Stories from the Bible were no longer stories, but something we experienced and were rocked by. A heroin addict was lost in his addiction and was told by a stranger to wait in a park for a message someone had for him. After waiting for a long time he was about to leave when our buses pulled up. One of the girls on the team had received an image of the word “lost” and she knew this was the man God had set for her to pray over. He committed his life to Jesus and turned his life around. Some college student saw an image of a pink sweater, a pink zipper and a cane in their prayer. On one of our outreaches the team saw a lady with a pink sweater, pink zipper, and a cane… she was healed and didn’t need her cane any longer.

There was healing from people who couldn’t walk, a man’s vision restored so he could read again, families that accepted Jesus, and drug and alcohol addicts giving their lives to God. This weekend was full of miracles, and it all took a yes from 400 people for this to happen. 400 People who said yes to this adventure and all became witnesses to how God can act when we take steps of faith.

I was fearful to go on this trip because I didn’t have the money to go, but at the very last minute I decided to put my fear and doubt away for a brief moment and registered. The morning of the trip someone from the church had anonymously provided me with money! God is like that. He’ll wait. He’ll wait patiently for us until we take that leap of faith and he’ll take us on adventures that we only thought possible for others.

A big thank you to Itzel Hernandez for writing this article.

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