Hearing the Father

Robert begins our new series With Jesus by talking about how we can live every day, like Jesus, hearing the Father and responding to His voice.

Laying the Foundation

During his first sermon of the year, Robert shares about hearing from God for the year and walks us through how we can hear and respond to what God is saying to us.

New Hope

Kendall Laughlin begins the year speaking on three hopes we can have for the new year.

Crazy Christmas Offering Sunday

On the day of our Crazy Christmas Offering, Robert shares about God’s heart of blessing and how God has always used His church as the avenue to bless others.

Live Nativity Sunday

Robert tells the story of Jesus’ birth, complete with angels, shepherds, wisemen, and animals.

True Friendship

Robert finishes our Relational Reformation by digging into the friendship of David and Jonathan and using it as a picture of the type of friends we want to be and have.

3 Keys to Relational Success

Kendall continues our Relational Reformation series by looking at strife and conflict in relationship and how David dealt with hurt in his own relationships.

Healing the Parent Wounds

Robert continues our Relational Reformation series by talking about families and how they can shape the way we relate to God and others.