Resurrection Power

Guest speaker from Scotland, Joe Ewen, brings an encouraging word on the power of Jesus’ resurrection, and how this power allows us to walk in freedom.  

Easter: Experience the Empty Tomb

Robert Herber gives 3 facts highlighting the eternal significance of Jesus’ empty tomb. Included in this recording is a powerful dramatic presentation of 3 people that encountered the empty tomb.  

Give It Away

College Pastor, Jason Weatherred, brings an encouraging message on God’s compassion for the lost, and how we can partner with Him to see people come to know Him.  

How to “Ruin your Life”

Robert delivers a powerful message on building a healthy family, as we look at the story of Amnon and Tamar in 2 Samuel 13.  

Getting Free From Sin

Continuing his message from Sunday, March 4th, Robert Herber provides 4 practical steps on getting free from sin. This is a great message for anyone seeking freedom or wanting to help people walk in freedom. … Read More

The Lies of Lust

As we look at the story of David and Bathsheba in 2 Samuel 11, Robert unpacks the consequences of giving into lust, and 4 aspects of our lives to be attentive to when avoiding temptation. … Read More

Dark Spirituality

Robert Herber delivers a powerful message on the spiritual realm as we unpack the story of Saul and the medium from 1 Samuel 28.  

The Problem with our Leaders

As we continue to journey through the life of David, Robert Herber unpacks the purpose and design of Godly leadership.  


Robert Herber unpacks the story of David’s time in the Cave of Adullam from 1 Samuel 22, and the impact this season had on David’s life.