Anyone From Anywhere

Robert Herber kicks off our new sermon series, ‘Building a Healthy Life’. The series focuses on the life of David, and this message looks at how God called David in spite of his humble background. … Read More

Building Your Life in God

Youth Pastor, Joel Sanders, delivers a timely word as he unpacks 5 tools we can use when building our lives in God.  

God’s Demoday

Centering his message around the story of Lazarus, Executive Pastor, Kendall Laughlin, shares tools that we can use when getting rid of the old to make room for the new. This is great message to … Read More

A Crazy Christmas

Robert Herber unpacks the nativity story to reveal all the crazy circumstances that led to the birth of Jesus, and how this miraculous event is an invitation to be ‘crazy’ generous.  

Have You Made Room?

Robert Herber continues our ‘It’s a Wonderful Christmas’ season with an encouraging message on how to make more room in our lives for Jesus.  

Becoming a Gratitude Ninja

Executive Pastor Kendall Laughlin launches our ‘It’s a Wonderful Christmas’ season with his inspired message on developing a lifestyle of gratitude. Unpacking Philippians 4, we look at the 4 attitudes of a gratitude ninja.  

Our Year

We look back and celebrate what God has done in our church community this year. Included in the message is hearing encouraging testimonies from members of our church who powerfully encountered God along our ‘5 … Read More

You Are Called To Be A Leader

Lead Pastor, Robert Herber, brings an inspired message on God’s desire to raise up wise, strong and humble leaders in every sphere, and how we can partner with Him to see society transformed.  

Singleness, Dating & Marriage Q&A

Lead Pastors Robert and Stefanie Herber answer your toughest questions on singleness, dating and marriage, as we continue our Match Made in Heaven series.  

Don’t Be Ruth-Less

As we study the book of Ruth together, Robert unpacks biblical and practical tools we can use to pursue romantic relationships.