A Party of Two

Continuing our Partying God series, Robert shares biblical and practical principles on how to develop personal time with God.  

Creating a Culture of Celebration

Continuing with our Partying God series, Pastor Robert Herber unpacks the reasons why God calls us to create a culture of celebration: to┬áremember, rename, rest & refresh, and to realign.  

Set Free By Celebration

Journeying through the story of Zacchaeus in Luke 19, Robert speaks about how God seeks us out, even in the midst of our failure, so that we can experience His presence and love.    

Distant Deity or Dear Friend?

Continuing our Partying God series, Robert Herber unpacks the story of Jesus turning the water into wine, and how this reveals His nature as a loving God who loves to celebrate.  

Is God really that Kind?

Continuing our new Fall series on The Partying God, Robert Herber’s message focuses on the father celebrating the return of his prodigal son.  

A Generous Community

Concluding our Community Month series, Lead Pastors Robert and Stefanie Herber, along with Executive Pastor Kendall Laughlin, speak on the 3 qualities of a generous community: time, talent & treasure.  

Becoming a Contending Community

Concluding our Community Month series, Robert unpacks the prophetic word we believe God has given us for our church out of 2 Chronicles 20, and how we are called to be a contending community.  

The Power of Covenant Friends

Continuing our Community Month Series, Robert unpacks the significance of building covenant friendships in the Church.    

Have you Changed Yet?

Returning from the Desert Days Youth Camp, Youth Pastor Joel Sanders unpacks how we can have childlike faith and invest in future generations.