You Are Called To Be A Leader

Lead Pastor, Robert Herber, brings an inspired message on God’s desire to raise up wise, strong and humble leaders in every sphere, and how we can partner with Him to see society transformed.  

Singleness, Dating & Marriage Q&A

Lead Pastors Robert and Stefanie Herber answer your toughest questions on singleness, dating and marriage, as we continue our Match Made in Heaven series.  

Don’t Be Ruth-Less

As we study the book of Ruth together, Robert unpacks biblical and practical tools we can use to pursue romantic relationships.  

The Irrefutable Laws of Men & Women

Continuing our Match Made in Heaven series, Robert & Stefanie’s message on “The Irrefutable Laws of Men & Women” unpack how God designed men and women, and how this impacts the ways we relate to … Read More

A Healthy Heart

Robert and Stefanie Herber launch our new dating and marriage series, “A Match Made in Heaven”. This message¬†focuses on how to recognize unhealthy roles we can bring into a relationship and how to develop a … Read More

Party Favor

Robert concludes our ‘Partying God’ series with his message on how to walk in the divine favor of God.  

A Party of Two

Continuing our Partying God series, Robert shares biblical and practical principles on how to develop personal time with God.  

Creating a Culture of Celebration

Continuing with our Partying God series, Pastor Robert Herber unpacks the reasons why God calls us to create a culture of celebration: to¬†remember, rename, rest & refresh, and to realign.  

Set Free By Celebration

Journeying through the story of Zacchaeus in Luke 19, Robert speaks about how God seeks us out, even in the midst of our failure, so that we can experience His presence and love.