As we launch our new series, “Real Church”, Robert Herber gives us practical tools on how we can deepen our relationship with God and grow in spiritual community.    

Easter – Hope is Here

As we come together to celebrate Easter, Robert Herber takes us through Luke 7:36-50, as we look at the kindness, goodness and hope that Jesus brings. Included in our Easter message is a powerful drama … Read More

Hope Disguised

Continuing our Hope Series on Palm Sunday, we looked at Ephesians 4 and the foretelling of Jesus’ arrival into Jerusalem on a donkey in Zechariah 9.    

Hope in Hopeless Circumstances

Continuing our Hope Series, Robert takes us through the story of Abraham and Sarah as they put their hope and trust in God, in spite of a seemingly hopeless circumstance.  

The God of Hope

Dan Baumann at All Peoples Church

Experience Dan Baumann’s message of hope as he shares his miraculous testimony about what God has done in & through Him.  

Hope has a Name

Looking at Ephesians 1, we begin our Hope Series by unpacking the way that God sees us: chosen, loved and redeemed.

The Influence of Excellence

Guest Speaker and Lead Pastor of Antioch Norman, Chris Bennett, shares an inspired word on developing a spirit of excellence in all that we do.    

Becoming a One Thing Person

Concluding our ‘With Jesus’ series, we look at the story of Mary and Martha in Luke 10 as we unpack the power and blessing found in living a life focused on Jesus.  

Eating with Sinners

Robert continues our ‘With Jesus’ series with his message, ‘Eating with Sinners’. Looking at Luke 14, we unpack Jesus’ heart for people and the joy found in partnering with Him to reach the lost, hurting … Read More

Jesus & the Bible

Executive Pastor, Kendall Laughlin, continues our ‘With Jesus’ series with his message entitled, ‘Jesus & the Bible’. Focusing on Luke 24, we discover that the entire Bible as an invitation to encounter Jesus that allows … Read More