On Sunday, October 30TH 2016, All Peoples Church watched, encouraged and cheered as members of our spiritual family made a public declaration of their faith through water baptism! We felt so encouraged and strengthened to … Read More


We are excited that many people and churches around our nation have signed up to pray daily for our Antioch Church Family and our nation during the next 21 Days. Your prayers are powerful and … Read More

Relational Reformation Series

Join us this Sunday, November 6th, as we launch our new series “Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends.” – John 15:13 “Love the Lord your … Read More


Whether fasting is a regular discipline in your life or is something that is new to you, we invite you to embrace a time of prayer and fasting with us from October 5-7. Fasting is … Read More

Prayer Devotional: Day Seven

Thought for the day: As we gather to worship as a community today at All Peoples Church, it’s a good morning to focus on His worthiness. He is worthy. He is magnificent. He is perfect. … Read More

Prayer Devotional: Day Six

Thought for the day: One of the most encouraging things about praying to God as our Father is this: He is powerful. He can do it. He is big and strong and able to answer. … Read More

Prayer Devotional: Day Five

Thought for the day: From skinned knees to sinful choices to business bankruptcies, we are all going to encounter some tough moments in life. And quite honestly, some of us may have encountered situations in … Read More

Prayer Devotional: Day Four

Thought for the day: One of the things we should expect from a father is that he is good. A loving father should be working on behalf of his children, for their good and not … Read More

Prayer Devotional: Day Three

Thought for the day: God gives good gifts to His children. He is our Provider. A good Father is often thinking about how he can bless his children. Often this is in meeting their needs. … Read More

Prayer Devotional: Day Two

Thought for the day: There is never, ever, a time when God does not welcome you to be with Him. He’s never too busy. He’s never asleep. He’s never doing something so important that He … Read More